Monday, June 01, 2009

Lovely blog thoughts from PIXIE SINGING.

"What A Hoot
this is something i got when i went to berjaya timesquare about... 1 month ago? hehehhe. there's an art craft exhibition there and i saw a booth that sold this kind of drawings. i met the artist also. typical of artist. haahah. she's kind and smiles a lot and very welcome to the customer. really love that kind of people. and i do love her drawings so much. it's different and so unique and since i do love ilustration since last semester so..finding it is like finding a treasure ^^ yayyy! there are many drawings there but this one is my favourite. and since i have so less sleep nowadays, this cute owl represents me a lot. hahahah. the artist's name is BENNYLITA NASUTION. and you can see her artwork here. ENJOY~! =)"

Thanks for being around me at Wonderful Market. Really appreciate your time and your support. I am oblige dear.

much love and happy hoot,


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