Wednesday, June 30, 2010 Test Drive

My artwork for
'Me & My Cat' Exhibition ws selected
for Dweey Test Drive

For More Info about Dweey, check out;
Thanks Luk! :)


Much Love and Happy Hoot!;

Monday, March 08, 2010

Masterpiece Cover Art DVD

Hola All,
been busy hi and lo finalizing a cover art
DVD for a band named Masterpiece.

Get them in one week time :).
And Have Fun looking at it darling! Yeay!

Much Love and Happy Hoot;

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let Me Fly with My Broom

I feel and keep thinking as a witch or wizard maybe on my broom going
here and there as i wish. Love to have this kind of broom to match
with my long dress and apron. Ngee!

Enjoy looking at other colour to and craft on the broom stick

Much love and Happy Hoot!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

B on the Green Ground

Just feeling good to see this letter B wrap around with
green grass. Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear....

An inspirations from

Will try hi and lo
to find some green rumput
tomorrow yeay!

Much Love and Happy Hoot;

Monday, February 22, 2010

a positive anything is better than a negative nothing!

a psotive anything is better than a negative nothing.
taken from jerry mcguire's prop in film.

much love and happy hoot,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'PopRina 2010: New Collection Launch'causing a commotion'

My Artworks

will be on a runaway at

'PopRina 2010: New Collection Launch'causing a commotion'

SUNDAY 31st JAN, TIME: 8:30 PM -3AM



Introducing Pop Rina New Collection launch.
This fashion showcase will be a great blend with live music installment and art showcase.
Admission: RM10

POPRINA, our talented local designer is back, introducing her new 2010 collection @ cloth and clef. PopRina New Collection Launch will be a great blends of fashion showcase by our models, surprise give-aways, art showcase,live music installments and cocktails promotion.Come early to see her new collection showcase. We will continue this great mixture of fashion, music and art showcase night with:

1. Artworks byBennylitaNasution

Live music installment by:

a. The Great Metropolitan Expressway
b. Think!Tadpole!Think!

DJ set playing from mayhem disco, new wave, indietronica to pop by:
a. Xes! Xes!
b. Soundball(Germany)

POPRINA'It's a clothing line of which conceptualize simple and vintage designs; not forgetting to add some local touch to it so that people would go, "look! they only have that in Malaysia"- kind of thing. We aim to converge vintage fashion with modern arts and music. We translate, from our points of view, the sound of synths, beats and that scientific feeling into viewable things such as colors and shapes. Imagine what would our aunts/moms/grannies (if you must) wear in their youth, dancing to that electric tunes or whatever that sounds edgy. Nusantara textures and patterns rock!'-

All are invited, YEAYY!

Much Love and Happy Hoot;

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sorry For Being Hiatus! And The Winner are?

Oh dear my all good friend and fans,
Sorry sangat for being hiatus agak lama, hahahaha.
Always like this ngee!
I have a lot of things now to share and will keep
updating for you girls and guys.

First of all,
Announcement on the January GIVE AWAY WINNER! Yeayy!
At first I have 1 give away that I want to give as agift,
since FEBRUARY is around the corner and A Month Full of Love
and Also triple happiness as it is also CHINESE NEW YEAR, Year of a TIGER
celebration, so I decided to give 4, instead of only 1 ORIGINAL ARTPIECE.
Series Collections.

So I have decided the WINNER and will announce
the giveaway and the winner are
Yeayyyyy!!!!!! I hope you love my artwork
as much as I do and keep it as a treasure,
and if you love to handover the artwork, makesure the person
really really loves it yeahhh!

For those who win, you may leave your
email at the comment page here.
For those who didn't win, try again next month yeahhh!!!
Thanks again and and hope you have a lovely day beyond!
Do drop me two or a line of you words here. :)
And yeah, make me excited and wanna update
everyday/every hour maybe? hahaha giloz :B
Yang pasti, i love you girls and guys!

Thanks for keep supporting and being around me
and I am 1 year old of seriously being an artist
and doing what I love most to do! There are so many things happens
in 2009, and it is all history now. :)

I hope 2010, I will go on and on, and hope to do the work I love most doing
on FULL TIME basis, SOON, yes very-very soon. Yeayyy!
For those who wants to feature or write about my artwork,
i am oblige! Thanks a millions, dear.

to be continued....

(HINT HINT: esok I will update WHICH ORIGINAL /
ARTWORK goes to WHOM) suspens sikit hahaha :)
so watch out this space yeahh babe!

Much Love and Happy Hoot;

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