Monday, June 08, 2009

Urbanscapes 2009

Yeay! My Owl and MagicalTreehouse together
with AbbyNaive&TeePainting, Liyana'sHandmade and
FeliciaFacePainting will be here at the Market Place.
Everybody is invited!

Updated (*10 June 2009)
Oh yeay! You may find our name
Owl and Magical Treehouse and AbbyNaiveland
under Threadzoo curatorship here

much love and happy hoot!


  1. sis, i'm going to be there! weeeeee! :D:D -zacksofia-

  2. sure..nanti kita jumpa lagi yeahh..:)
    thanks coz drop by kat booth semlm..happy to see u


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