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Hi, I am Bennylita, and you may call me Ben. I am originally from Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia, and was born in December 1974. By heart, I am a self-taught visual artist/designer and make arty-crafty seriously for print ads, multimedia and film since I can remember. I am a trained-professional-Multimedia Consultant/Producer with more than 10 years of experiences in various kinds of multimedia and web portal application development and training with government agencies, corporates, universities and individuals.
    I have a mixture of formal education in Film Video Production from National Arts Academy(2008) and Computer Science from National University of Malaysia (2002) and Multimedia from Northern University of Malaysia (1999). Twice, I received offers to  continue my studies in Fine Arts, ITM (now known as UITM-University of Technology Mara, Malaysia) in early 1990s but I was unable to do so due to lack of motivation from my surroundings. But later, I never feel regrets that I did not pursue formally in Fine Arts but Multimedia.
      I participated in various multimedia and film exhibitions and screenings frequently, mainly in Kuala Lumpur and some all over Malaysia and my film also was screened Jakarta, Indonesia. Busy with my studies and developing career after university made me feel unhappy with my own self and start to find what I lack in life here and there. Back in 2002, I realized that I always describe my hobby as drawing and painting even though I have left it for more than 10 years. Since then, I believe that my quest is to draw and paint happily ever after.  Making short film is an ultimate passion to see my arts and crafts on moving celluloid. 
        Early 2009, I actively participated in selected Art & Craft Bazaar such as Pipit Wonderful Market, Arts For Grabs, Laman Budaya, Creative Mafia of Bijou Bazaar and Urbanscapes.  In November 2009, ‘ZIG ZAG ZOO’, is my 1st Art Exhibition at The National Zoo Malaysia and Pelita Hati House of Arts for Art Expo Malaysia 2009, Matrade Tower.

        Details about Exhibition and Showcase click here.
          At the moment, I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and manage my own multimedia production and consultation company and independent record label, named Pekanmaya. Owl and MagicalTreehouse is 'anything arts and handmade crafts but not gossip project' created by me, inspired by owl, moon, faeries, dragon, bigfoot, little people, mermaid, scarecrows, carousel, circus, tree house and rainbow. On a virtual basis, you can find me at http://owlandmagicaltreehouse.blogspot.com or email me at bennylita@gmail.com.

          Now you can get in tocuh with me HERE :) 

            WHY and HOW I made
            WHAT THE HOOT the series
            Love towards drawings and doodling always growing whether in static or motion. Subconsciously; ‘What the Hoot’ series, was made under the moonlight (and sometimes using torchlight under my blanket), using dots and lines of ink on paper that flashback my full of laughter childhood; and fill it with sound of music of Broadway Circus’s song. Each of the owls comes with each name and story behind it. Normally, they are people around me that touch my heart, mind and soul in my childhood as I grow up.  I am here to share a little gift from my little heart from GOD with you, and you and you, in this universe. That’s it. - Bennylita
            “The multi-talented film-maker Bennylita Nasuty Ramlee is essentially a line-person, whose works captures the essence of human frailties by highlighting their owl-like eyes. With dots, crosshatchings and curlicues, she camouflages the faces of people with beaks and feathers, becoming part caricature, part portraiture. With the color red as filler, these characters embody any given idea in a flash: anger, love, assertion, withdrawal, tenderness, indifference. Still, they are playful, unobtrusive, easy to identify. Even when they expose their breasts or underwear, they mean to tickle and entertain.“
            Professor Dr. Zakaria Ali, Fakulti Seni dan Muzik, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris. (ref: ZIG ZAG ZOO arts catalog)
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