Sunday, June 28, 2009

Me at Urbanscapes 2009, Yeay!

Yeay, My Owls' Art Prints were here

KLUE Urbanscapes 2009, KLPAC Sentul,
Kuala Lumpur.

People at Marketplace

As planned, last Sunday was an Urbanscapes 2009
showcase, and first time Me appear with my brand,
Owl and MagicalTreehouse.

Together with me are
Liyana Handmades and Abby.

Mira and Stone who are
my safety pins.

Abby doing her
handpainting tshirt. Yeay!

More photos here

I am oblige and bubbly bee owl at the same time,
ngeee! Thanks to all Friends and Fans who show yourself and
share some love at {Owl and MagicalTreehouse} +
AbbyNaiveArtland 's booth, with Love from Ammir, Abby,
Felicia, Liyana, Mira (PrettyHappyThings) & Stone atUrbanscapes
KLPAC yesterday.

Also thanks to UTUSAN MALAYSIA,
ArtMalaysia Magazine and RTM 2 and other medias who
covered us yesterday.

Thanks again. I love you guys! Yeay !!


  1. Thanks kak benny n all that or booth.. I had a great day :D

  2. thanks to you too babe :)
    all the best utk wonderful market nanti :)


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