Thursday, May 21, 2009

Making Ska Punk Band Cover Art Album

Yes! At the moment I am preparing the concept for cover art album for SKUDAP SKUDIP. For those haven't seen them 'circus+ing' on stage, you could figure out how and what they look like here.

Previously, I helped out this band for their EP cover art design. Only 100 pieces out for sale. ALL SOLD OUT in 20 days! Really glad and thanks to their fans who believed in them.

Skudap Skudip EP's Cover Art.
Pekanmaya Records Allright Reserved
[ for more info, visit or]

Pheww! Amazing discovery and so happy to see where and how you work being put up too!

Last February 2009, I was in Penang for The Times's gig. We went to one of the best vintage bundle shop. And, as I open the door, I have spotted Skudap Skudip there (line no. 2-top left) among the compilation Malaysian and International ska punk album. Thanks Doubt MF Shop, Bukit Jambul, Penang!

I'm honoured to see my crafted works (even though it is just an EP) is being up and running with other one of SKA PUNK masterpieces. I understood that the owner of the Doubt MF Shop is a Japanese Guy who love SKA PUNK music so much! Thanks again brother :)

Can't wait to amuse Skudap Skudip and all of you out there, again! Skudap Skudip's album will be in the market in First Week of July.

much love and happy hoot,

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wonderful Market by Pipit

Hola there, I really had a great time at Wonderful Market. And my setup at Wonderful Market was simple and friendly. And I love it.

Photo credit to:
Ivery & Mike of Pipit. Thanks! :)

I took another angle of my booth. More picture here.

After putting up this blog, I also founded some of the visitors who wrote about me at the Wonderful Market on the internet and share it here. And here what they got to say about me and my artworks. :)

Photo by:
McLelun. Thanks! :)

"Bennylita from Pekanmaya. Unlike most other vendors from the event,
she will open conversation with any visitors that pass by. Explaining her artwork
and giving out namecard. Some other vendors will “run away” when I try to take
photo. Too shy i guess." -taken from McLelun at"

And here is a blog thought from new friend named Joyce. :)

"And then there's the talented Benny, who's contact card boasts artists/designer/filmmaker/record label producer. I'm just hypnotized by her
Dr Seuss-ish artwork. From the abstract designs to the minimal use of colour,
most of it is inspired by birds and nature (win!).Honestly, I believe that she
should publish her own childrens' books soon. Check out more of
her stuff on her MySpace."

"The young admiring her work"

Both photo credits
from Joyce's BitterSweetCookies blog

Thanks Mclelun, I didn't noticed you came to my booth, very bad me, just talk talk and talk, and ..hahaha (actually I've been to your blog almost a year :) ) until I came back home and saw u signed my MisterMiss Diary. And happy, you've also taken my picture. Woooooot Wooooot! I am honoured on whatever you noted there in your blog.

Another person that I met and wrote about me is Joyce. Lovely her and yeah, I will make my Children Picture Book soon, very-very soon. Joyce darling, I already have the title, it is called "Owl and Magical Treehouse". Amacam ok tak? :)

For those who I met at the event and wrote bits and pieces about my artowrk and myself please forward to me yeahh!

At this moment, I am already on my the trip to the moon. pheww!

much love and happy hoot,

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