Sunday, June 28, 2009

Me at Urbanscapes 2009, Yeay!

Yeay, My Owls' Art Prints were here

KLUE Urbanscapes 2009, KLPAC Sentul,
Kuala Lumpur.

People at Marketplace

As planned, last Sunday was an Urbanscapes 2009
showcase, and first time Me appear with my brand,
Owl and MagicalTreehouse.

Together with me are
Liyana Handmades and Abby.

Mira and Stone who are
my safety pins.

Abby doing her
handpainting tshirt. Yeay!

More photos here

I am oblige and bubbly bee owl at the same time,
ngeee! Thanks to all Friends and Fans who show yourself and
share some love at {Owl and MagicalTreehouse} +
AbbyNaiveArtland 's booth, with Love from Ammir, Abby,
Felicia, Liyana, Mira (PrettyHappyThings) & Stone atUrbanscapes
KLPAC yesterday.

Also thanks to UTUSAN MALAYSIA,
ArtMalaysia Magazine and RTM 2 and other medias who
covered us yesterday.

Thanks again. I love you guys! Yeay !!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ISE oh Ise

This is me by Ise.

Thanks Lovely Ise.

Much Love and Happy Hoot,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Owl from The Other Side

Nikki Pinder is an owl
who live on the other side of the moon,
sun and sea. Love her artworks
and love when she share
what she is doing.

I hope to get one of her handmade button soon
and love her tutorials about making it too!
(Actually i heart all her button design)
Keep making Nikki!

Oh yeah, You may find her at

much love and happy hoot!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Circus Tent

I want this Circus Tent, but it is
already SOLD OUT.

So wanna handmade it in
1 week time yeay!


Hola everybody,
{Owl and MagicalTreehouse}
have been added as one of
Thrift Book Handmade Only Blogshop
on 17 th June 2009. And we are so
tralalalalalalaz about it. :)

Your kind words and heart
are very much appreciated.

I am obliged.

much love and happy hoot ;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Owlzzz

Inspired by Odelia's Doll and she got more
owls to love.

Check her

Voila and Happy Hoot Sunday,

Friday, June 12, 2009

2nd Pipit Wonderful Market

2nd Pipit Wonderful Market is coming soon on this 4th of July.
Please invite your friends, family and everyone to come and
support our local handmade, independent label,
artist and designer.

more info

I would not be joining as trader,
but I will be here to support my friends.
Everybody is invited!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Urbanscapes 2009

Yeay! My Owl and MagicalTreehouse together
with AbbyNaive&TeePainting, Liyana'sHandmade and
FeliciaFacePainting will be here at the Market Place.
Everybody is invited!

Updated (*10 June 2009)
Oh yeay! You may find our name
Owl and Magical Treehouse and AbbyNaiveland
under Threadzoo curatorship here

much love and happy hoot!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

A letter about clarification on Intellectual Property

I was at the Intellectual Property Right Exhibition KL Convention Centre last month and learn few things especially creating, making and copyrighting works related to arts, music and films. There difference between trademark and copyright, which I will discuss further next time. One of the main issue that crawling in my head is about creating and selling my artwork and still owning the right on it. So this is what I got from a discussion with a consultant from Sirim Berhad and he emailed me back the clarification of understanding of rights making, selling and purchasing artworks. Please read it on.

"Dear Ms. Bennylita,

This is regarding copyright issue with regard to the selling of original painting/manuscript or other similar matters which we discussed during the IP exhibition last Sunday. Upon consultation with colleague as well as referring to other sources, I believe that the copyright (economic rights as well as moral right) still belong to you and you may exercise your right over the work in any way you wish. This is particularly due to the principal of "assignment" of copyrighted work. The act of offering and acceptance (selling) could be considered as assignment of the right from the original owner to the purchaser. However, such assignment must be made in writing (Section 27(3) of Malaysian Copyright Act 1987) to have an effect where the terms are clearly stated in the agreement. Without such written agreement, the purchaser is not considered to have obtained all rights related to the work, except for the personal right. That personal right only entitled the purchaser to do whatever he wish with that one copy of the original work such as selling it to other, putting it in exhibition, etc. He has no right to re-produce (making copies) of the original work, putting it in a catalogue to be sold, and other related economic activities. If a written agreement has been made between the original owner and the purchaser and the terms clearly state that all rights are transferred to the purchaser (actually you may select which right to be transferred, which territory, duration, etc), then it would be a different matter and he is entitled to do anything with regard to the economic rights of the work. Under the normal selling and purchasing of original work such as painting without any written agreement, the author or the original owner will retain his rights.

Hope this will clear some of the issues.

If you require any further clarification, do contact me.


A. Rahman Zuhri
Intellectual Property Services

Thanks Mr Rahman for the info. I really look forward and hope everybody out there will benefit from his mail. Here is some idea what does it mean with Economic Rights and Moral Rights.

We have all this rules and regulations on paper but there are still some easy people go around and steal other people's artwork and make products without permisson. Shame on you easy people!

much love and happy hoot!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Lovely blog thoughts from PIXIE SINGING.

"What A Hoot
this is something i got when i went to berjaya timesquare about... 1 month ago? hehehhe. there's an art craft exhibition there and i saw a booth that sold this kind of drawings. i met the artist also. typical of artist. haahah. she's kind and smiles a lot and very welcome to the customer. really love that kind of people. and i do love her drawings so much. it's different and so unique and since i do love ilustration since last semester so..finding it is like finding a treasure ^^ yayyy! there are many drawings there but this one is my favourite. and since i have so less sleep nowadays, this cute owl represents me a lot. hahahah. the artist's name is BENNYLITA NASUTION. and you can see her artwork here. ENJOY~! =)"

Thanks for being around me at Wonderful Market. Really appreciate your time and your support. I am oblige dear.

much love and happy hoot,

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