Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Will you wait for me here again?

Once upon a time, there was a pixie who lives in the little
forest behind my home.

And one evening, I've heard strange sounds from my bathroom.
And slowly peek at a small hole in between door.

Oh Pixie! Oh Pixie!
That's her.
I knew she will appear.
I jump and scream calling my sister.
But then, she dissappeared.

After long, I didn't hear or see anything.
When I grow up, I almost forgotten about her.

Lately, when I paint after midnite and listen to
my circus tune, I've heard again same naughty voice near
my window.

I look out and look up, only full moon on the sky
smilling to me. I smile back to Luna the Moon.
Say hello to her too!

One sunny day, I was walking outside one of the shop
and I noticed Pixie Girl behind the glass of the shop.

'Oh My Pixie', I say...
I walk closely to the window and she blinks her eyes twice and smiles.

'Ohhh...', I almost lost words.

Then, she asked me,
'Will you wait for me here again?'

I smile and nodded my head.
In my heart, I know I miss you so much...

~bennylita nasuty ramlee ~

Much ♥ and Happy Hoot,

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