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Colony of artists in Kuantan

Tuesday April 7, 2009
Colony of artists in Kuantan
(taken from The Star Online)

NINE artists seeking a place for an art gallery have finally formed an artist house cum gallery in Taman Bukit Setongkol, Kuantan.

The group’s leader Abdullah Jones said the colony called Komuniti Pelukis Rajawali would be a haven for the artists to concentrate on their projects.

“There are a number of young and senior artists in Kuantan, but they are scattered around and hardly meet to exchange ideas, share experiences and discuss their paintings,” said Abdullah.

This realisation led him to meet Abdullah Hamdan, Abi Wafi and Amin Daud and gave birth to the idea that they needed a place to work as a group, said Abdullah.

Sharing talents: Abi with his painting of an island in the ocean.

“By renting a house, we are free to work at leisure.

“Sometimes, we forget to sleep because we are consumed by work and to meet deadlines for orders,” Abdullah said the colony attracted part-time artists.

“The part-timers, Najihah Lee Abdullah, Radzuan Mat Piah, Badrul Nizam and Nurhashimah Husain, are art teachers.

Busy day: The artists at work at their gallery in Taman Cenderawasih, Kuantan.

“It is also a place for them to store their work and learn first-hand on our techniques, which they can share with their students,” Abdullah said.

Because of this relationship, the artists had been to schools to speak as guests.

“We also set up art tuition classes for students at RM20 per session on Saturdays.

“The fee is nominal as we use the money to buy equipment,” he said, adding that there were 20 students.

At times, they organised workshops for those sitting for the SPM and STPM examinations, he added.

The gallery has 200 art pieces of various mediums and themes.

“We have been invited to exhibit our works at a commercial building in Indera Mahkota and at Hyatt Kuantan in May. Both events are organised by The Women’s Institute,” Abdullah said.

This is an archive story about artists in Kuantan. Really inspiring to get to know
them, not yet in person but at least one of them named Abdullah Jones.

Apa khabar kamu Encik Jones? profile picture kamu sungguh cool
hingga aku tidak berani tegur, karang salah tegur kena pelempang...
rupa-rupanya kamu memang cool macam picta tu.

Silalah berkenalan dengan abang cool ini di

Much and Happy Hoot

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