Thursday, September 03, 2009

Recycle With Love

Remake Sleeveless by Azlin

Remake Fringe using Material recycled
from an old leather jacket.
by Azlin

Recycle and Reuse always my mantra in making arts & craft
and fashion styling too! For me, you don't need to burn your money just to look good.
What you need is a working brain and lust towards beauty and at
the same time you play your role by saving the earth too!

I strike at first place when I saw remake-over project by Azlin.
Hearing a little story from her, makes me goes awww again and again.
And I knew, she loves make something that she love doing from
her little heart and great mind too!. Kudos to her brilliant ideas and services.
Average RM30 and even below market price you may get new soul
for your new shoes, even shirt or jeans!

So why wait? Head yourself to ByAzlin
(Photo by Azlin, and edited by me for photo review only)

Much ♥ and Happy Hoot,

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