Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'PopRina 2010: New Collection Launch'causing a commotion'

My Artworks

will be on a runaway at

'PopRina 2010: New Collection Launch'causing a commotion'

SUNDAY 31st JAN, TIME: 8:30 PM -3AM



Introducing Pop Rina New Collection launch.
This fashion showcase will be a great blend with live music installment and art showcase.
Admission: RM10

POPRINA, our talented local designer is back, introducing her new 2010 collection @ cloth and clef. PopRina New Collection Launch will be a great blends of fashion showcase by our models, surprise give-aways, art showcase,live music installments and cocktails promotion.Come early to see her new collection showcase. We will continue this great mixture of fashion, music and art showcase night with:

1. Artworks byBennylitaNasution

Live music installment by:

a. The Great Metropolitan Expressway
b. Think!Tadpole!Think!

DJ set playing from mayhem disco, new wave, indietronica to pop by:
a. Xes! Xes!
b. Soundball(Germany)

POPRINA'It's a clothing line of which conceptualize simple and vintage designs; not forgetting to add some local touch to it so that people would go, "look! they only have that in Malaysia"- kind of thing. We aim to converge vintage fashion with modern arts and music. We translate, from our points of view, the sound of synths, beats and that scientific feeling into viewable things such as colors and shapes. Imagine what would our aunts/moms/grannies (if you must) wear in their youth, dancing to that electric tunes or whatever that sounds edgy. Nusantara textures and patterns rock!'-

All are invited, YEAYY!

Much Love and Happy Hoot;

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